Welcome to the studio of illustrators Capitan Penoplast

Capitan Penoplast is the project of the company Webprospect. The studio offers the illustrators services, who will make your product needed and valuable.

Our benchmark is high-quality graphics which in the modern world takes various shapes and possibilities not only to advertise the product but also to make it an important part of visual culture.

The authors’ portfolio speaks for itself.

Printed matters, books, advertising, packing, storyboards, prints, posters and websites.


Sophia Miroedova

Sofia Miroedova

       Once I understood that illustration, not design, is most attractive, exciting and interesting thing in which I can be engaged. So I started to work on images. I very often drew then. One illustration per day. Drew inspiration from everything I like and admire: music, literature and my life itself. After a couple of months I had enough images to prepare a portfolio.


       Nevertheless, it was not the first step. I've been drawing all my life and I am still working not only with graphics, but also with painting, which helps me to create different styles for my illustrations. Every time when starting a project I want to do something completely new, something that I have never done before.
   You cannot ignore the fact that a significant part of successful work on the illustration depends on your inspiration, thus it is necessary to look for it everywhere. My favorite way is music. As soon as I need this or that mood, I find it here: turn on a melody and my mind translates sounds into shapes and images, and my hands quickly draw them – it is what they do best. All these ideas amass in my mind throughout the whole life - books that I read, movies that I watch, people whom I meet, places that I visit and stories that I hear. They sleep in my mind while I do not need them and then wake up. That Is how my illustrations appear.


Maria Fedoseeva:

mari fedoseeva

      Each of us has his own style and it is great as having different instruments you can solve diverse problems. There are generic approaches and forms, but it restricts the understanding of how one can get good results. It was always interesting for me to learn about the opportunities of new approaches and get evidence that they are less effective.


Anna Kaschenko:

Anna Kaschenko

       We would like to cooperate with publishers and printings more as the essence of our work is to visualize or encode, translate from the source material to a visual language, revealing its nuances, creating an atmosphere and placing emphasis. A lot of contemporary and topical magazines resort to illustrations as they understand the power of their expressiveness.


Julie Baranovskaja:

ulia Baranovskaya
       It would be interesting to work with packing as for some kinds of products it can really bright and emotional. If the quality of two similar products is the same a person’s choice often depends only on smart illustration of high quality.


Sregey Sergeev:

sergeyProblems? The main problem is the time which shouldn’t be wasted. I believe it speaks volumes.


Vasilisa Ko:

Vasilisa ko

         Most of us have Higher Artistic Education; we have learnt classic art for the greater part of our adult lives. Studying and absorbing its history and experience, we began to understand the mechanisms of classic art’s use. Therefore, we want to improve this knowledge and put it into practice


Maxim Logunov:

Logunov Maxim

          The advantage of the studio is its level of organization, which helps to keep the time and to control many orders at the same time, supporting everything with documents and guarantees.

          This system is very useful when working on major projects with advertising agencies for which punctuality and quality are very important.

           That is what we offer.